Sustainable deliveries between urban hubs

Within the city center we make last-mile deliveries for large e-commerce companies.


Your clients, our priority

Last mile

We simplify the last link in the chain to make your customers’ experiences a success

Saving time

We make it easier to deliver to your clients on time.

Our own urban hubs

If we are closer to your customers, you are as well.

100% electric fleet

For us, sustainable distribution is a reality that should not be delayed any further.

Technological integration

We can work with any system to simplify the collaboration process.

Directly hired staff

We believe in job security for our drivers and thus offer the best shopping experience to your customers.

Logistic model

A simple and efficient model


Our urban hubs are located in the Low Emission Zones in cities. Together with our 100% electric fleet, this facilitates mobility in these areas and avoids additional traffic congestion by the entry of vans during peak times.


Every day our HUBS trucks take the packages to be delivered. We plan routes using the latest technology. Everything is done the same day. We don´t store packages or process orders; we simply deliver packages and collect returns.


Our deliveries are organized in designated time slots. Our close proximity to the end destination gives us greater flexibility in making multiple delivery attempts, arranging deliveries and even using the Hub as a collection point for your customers.

Our hubs

With us, the city center is a better place

We take hundreds of vans off the road and reduce city traffic. Your customers will thank you!



We are located at Calle Buen Suceso 8, 28008 Madrid.
We distribute to the following C.P.

  • 28008
  • 28015


  • 28010
  • 28004


  • 28013
  • 28005


  • 28012
  • 28014


We are located at Calle Lluis el Piados 7, 08003 Barcelona.
We distribute to the following C.P.

  • 08015
  • 08011


  • 08007
  • 08009


  • 08010
  • 08001


  • 08002
  • 08003

We have the capacity to make forty thousand deliveries per month

We also make sustainable deliveries. Let’s work together!

Logistic model

  • Traditional – 131,46 Tm/Co2 year
  • Deliverando – 6,09Tm/Co2 year

100% electric fleet

In addition to using electric vehicles, we make sure that the energy we consume is renewable. That’s why we’ve signed an agreement with HOLA Luz, who can guarantee that the energy they sell comes from renewable sources.


We integrate with our clients’ systems and optimize routes

No paper, no snail mail, just a direct exchange of information through integrating with your system. Our delivery routes are optimized to be as efficient as possible, with tracking information provided.

We guarantee the job stability for our drivers

From the moment our drivers start working at Deliverando, we provide them with permanent contracts. We only hire freelance drivers at peak times.

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